Here you will find a list of NACSC competition list of events, along with their rules and requirements. To register for any of the events, follow the instructions for the event as well as register on the following page for accurate judging results. By not registering on the ‘Registration’ Page you are not guaranteed a spot in the event for which you want to apply.


Pre-Registration Form

Sewing Patterns 2018

M7313      S8050      M7318     B6280           V1513


Instrumental Sound Track

NACSC Drum Loop – Demo


NACSC Drum Track – No Drums

Bible Quiz

The study packs may be purchased at

Galations 1:1 – Galations 6:18

The matches for Bible Quizzing at Christian School Competition will be drawn from Senior experienced & Intermediate divisions.

Competition Dates

Pre-Registration: March 9, 2018

All writings and digital entries due by April 6, 2018

NACSC Registration Deadline: May 4, 2018






For any questions, please contact the Christian School Department at

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