Explanation of the term “Academic Standard”

The Accreditation and Certification Department considers an “academic standard” to be a level of achievement that should be attained by a satisfactorily functioning school. Ideally, these standards should be met in all areas of school operation. The failure of a school to meet one or
more of these standards does not, however, necessarily preclude accreditation. Therefore, the term “standards” should be understood to serve the department as points of reference and comparison in appraising the overall effectiveness of a school. We recommend any Christian
curriculum material and feel that it should be implemented and carried out per the instructions of the publisher.


Explanation of the term “Spiritual Standard”

Evaluation will be made on the prospectus presented to the department. The prospectus should cover the programs being used in the different chronological grade categories that educate the students to the biblical plan of salvation, holiness, witnessing and the Godhead. There should be a well-policed program that would involve all age groups in the Biblical responsibilities of personal evangelism. With age, this involvement should become more in-depth to instill a greater degree of steadfastness in the Apostle’s doctrine. There should be a well-balanced program of involvement for school students to have active parts in school chapel and regular church services. This involvement should carry a grading system to measure each student’s achievement in spiritual matters.