The Christian School Accreditation and Certification Department is primarily a service organization. Its function is not to supervise the daily operation of the school not to supervise the administration. In other words, the department does not “operate” the school.

Evaluation is made basically on the academic and spiritual standards and potential of the school. Therefore, the basis for accreditation is primarily a combination of spiritual and academic excellence.

Certification is provided for both administration and teachers. The purpose of the Christian educator certification is to seek the approval of others of like, precious faith. The general public looks upon certification a synonymous with qualification. It adds to the professional image of the church-school staff in the eyes of the public. It gives the local church staff recognition as certified Christian educators.

A key element in marketing Christian education to young people is the concept that the Christian school provides an education that is superior to the public school system. As such, it should be stressed that it is, in fact, biblical to educate the youth. Christian educators must see that students are learning not only math, English, science and social studies, but that Biblical standards are an essential part of education. The ALJC supports these standards.

The primary basis for the ALJC Accreditation and Certification Department is to support and serve the churches that are carrying out the responsibility of educating students, and to develop a registry and reputation of being superior in education and spiritual development.

The ALJC is duly chartered with and recognized by the government of the United States of America. The Christian Education Department has been authorized by the voting membership of this organization to issue Certificates of Accreditation to those schools that meet the required standards. This accreditation will greatly enhance the standing of the school in the eyes of both public and government officials.

It should be clearly understood that accreditation by the department does not mean the department supervises or controls the school. Accreditation simply means that a Christian school has been recognized as meeting basic academic and spiritual standards necessary to provide a proper education.

Accreditation serves in removing the stigma that public school officials often label Christian schools with – “It’s not an accredited school.” Accreditation provides public school officials with a basis to form respect and gain confidence that the Christian school can educate.

As the state (“powers that be”) increases in hostility against the Christian school development, accreditation can give the Christian school strength in unity before government officials. Accreditation serves notice that the Christian school is responsible to its duties, and is quite capable of policing itself. Accreditation will increase student population, therefore it is a worthy investment.