Teacher Certification

Types & Requirements of Certification:

  1. Temporary Certificate
    • First Year in Christian education.
    • No secular or Bible college degrees.
    • Must have completed training of curriculum.
    • Must renew every two years.
  2. Presently involved in Christian Education
    • Must have an associate or bachelor degree.
    • Completed training of curriculum supplier.
    • If less than a bachelor degree, must be working toward one.
    • Must renew every two years.
  3. Minister of Christian Education
    • For pastors or school pastor.
    • Given if minister holds license in ALJC with strong recommendation to complete degree work.
    • Must renew every two years.
  4. Master of Christian Education
    • Minimum of 10 years in the ministry or a minimum of 10 years in professional field of employment that would be conducive to administrative affairs.
    • Degree from a Bible college or secular college.
    • At least two years’ experience in Christian Education.
    • Must renew every two years.